Java GUI for encoding video using Mencoder/Mplayer Logo

First install a copy of mplayer on your system. Also required if mp4box and/or mkvmerge. See links for locations. These are all free.

There are several ways to run this software :

  • The simplest is to just double-click on the file 'JMencode.jar', if you have windows explorer set up to open the jar file using java
  • or type the following at the console/terminal window inside this directory:  java -jar JMencode.jar (this assumes that the path to the java jre is setup. If not, you will have to type the full location of the java.exe file). Use java -Xmx256m -jar JMencode.jar  to allocate more memory for runtime.

 Sun's Java software is required to run this application. It can be downloaded at


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