Java GUI for encoding video using Mencoder/Mplayer Logo

This program is a simple java front-end for the free and very useful MPlayer software, for the purpose of encoding video. Initially the focus is on converting DVD into MPEG-4. MPlayer and Mencoder are available under the GNU General Public License v2. Mencoder is primarily used on linux or related unix platforms, but there are binaries for running on windows also.

There are many freely available frontends for this kind of functionality. The purpose of this exercise is to create one that try to be as cross-platform and simple as possible. This means excluding the use if a piece of software like Avisynth, which in it's current version is only available for windows.

The software is usable and works, but still fairly basic in encoder options. Also users may have some problems getting nice versions Mplayer/mencoder that provide the x264 encoding. However, the software is under (intermittent) development and bug fix or feature requests will be responded to if possible.

Current Features accessible from GUI:

  • Load dvd (discs or as folders) or single files as inputs, Mencoder accepts a large variety of input file types
  • Resize, crop and select frames to encode, with visual preview
  • Encode to x264 (avc) or mpeg-4(asp) (xvid)
  • Mux to mp4 or mkv container format, or just use avi
  • Choose audio compression format, (eg. mp3/aac, or keep audio)
  • Manual editing of video encoding parameters possible

This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


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